Success Stories 


"I first met Eric back in May 2021. I really like the accountability Eric gave me - establishing goals while enjoying the workouts. I was seeing results from the style of training Eric was doing and continued working with him for another full year. I'm a normal guy with 9-5 desk job and my lifestyle hasn't changed too much. I still live, go out with friends, I eat pizza, have a couple of drinks, but I stick to the plan. I don't live for the gym, but the gym makes me happy. The results speak for themselves. I'm over the moon with my body, my confidence has never been higher." - Justin


"Eric, first and foremost is a very nice person. He explains and shows each exercise with detail and is very knowledgeable. I worked with Eric for about 6 months and achieved amazing results. At the beginning of my training it was a slower pace than I'm used to and I was slightly confused at that time. Those early days was to master the form on movement and establish good habits. Then we started to pick up the intensity and that's when I started seeing results around my body. Eric is very methodical and he's passionate about fitness. I highly recommend Eric as a Trainer!" - Steve


"Eric has been my Personal Trainer for years and has been wonderful to work with. He helped me to get to my highest level of fitness before my wedding and then trained me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. Eric has helped me to strive towards my fitness goals while still understanding and accommodating my different levels of fitness and energy. He is especially knowledgeable about how to train women, including during pregnancy. Eric is personable, attentive, and professional, and I can't say enough good things about him. Thank you Eric for keeping me on track and feeling great! - Melanie


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